The Story of SILK

According to an ancient Chinese legend, silk was first
discovered in 2640 BC by XiLingJi, the fourteen year old wife of China's third
Emperor. It is said that XiLingJi was having tea beneath a mulberry tree in
the palace gardens, when a cocoon fell from the tree into her cup of hot tea.
She and her handmaidens were astonished to see the cocoon start to unravel,
revealing a long delicate thread. XiLingJi was so delighted by its beauty and
strength that she had thousands of cocoons collected and then wove them into a
robe for the Emperor.

Silk has been regarded by the Chinese as the ultimate luxurious cloth
for over 4000 years. Originally only the Emperor could wear it. Around 550 AD,
it is said that two Christian monks successfully smuggled cocoons in their
bamboo walking staffs back from China to Constantinople for Emperor Justinian
of Byzantium. It took another 700 years later for the secrets of silk to reach
the West.

Silk Today

Today silk is grown mainly in Asia, with China leading production.
The demand for silk has increased steadily over time, despite the inroads made
by cotton and wool and man-made fibres. It takes 6000 silkworms to produce one
kilo of silk thread.


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